Pastéis de carne - a Brazilian specialty

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Regina's pastéis

From: Regina


Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2007 7:02 AM

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Eating pastéis during a snow storm is really funny!

Can a North American rolling pin
make a Brazilian crust?

It's snowing here and this is a tropical dish.

How many eggs?
Are the conversions correct?
How much salt? pepper?
How much hot oil?
And what kind should it be?

Is a glass of water the same as a cup of water?

The pastry is chilling, the eggs are cooking,
the meat mixture is simmering

The cook is worrying


Sliced hard boiled eggs, a slice atop

a little mound of meat filling

surrounded by sliced olives

What kind of olives?
It looks OK.
Is it time to be grateful yet?

Very, very delicious
and it only took three hours

Are they supposed to look like this?

Did I use the right amount of oil?

Will they be tough enough to break a tooth?

I am glad you liked the pastéis! I liked them too, the appearance is really nice.  You can make pastéis of what you imagine, cheese pastéis are very simple, just cut the pieces of your favorite cheese in the size of the pastéis and put inside them as you have done with the meat. The rest of the process is the same. You can add a portion of your favorite jelly to the cheese, in this case the pastel will be sweet. In the place of the jelly you also can put half cherry tomato and "orégano" (it is a kind of  tempers that you put on pizzas). Also you can stuff them with pieces of bananas, in this case, when they were ready you can put sugar mixed with cinnamon on them. You can invent what you want to stuff pastéis, but the more common are done of meat or cheese.