Falcons of Rochester, New York

Two women living thousands of miles apart on different continents in different hemispheres find a common interest in animals, and soon they are observing and enjoying the lives of falcons in Rochester, New York --the one woman from Rio de Janeiro, the other from North Tonawanda, New York.

Without plan or intention, the two become friends. E-mails flow back and forth about falcons and animals and children and computers and web art and traditional art and literature and geography and the seasons and treasures and food.

Falcons of Rochester, NY

March 29, 2006

Dear Regina--

It's beginning to feel a little like Spring here.  A few flowers are peeking above the ground, birds we haven't seen since last Fall are returning to our feeders, and we went outside without jackets this afternoon.

Did you see the solar eclipse in Brazil?

Another nature note that I thought you might like:  For the past several years, a pair of peregrine falcons has raised a family in a nesting box perched high above the street in Rochester, NY -- a city 70 miles East of North Tonawanda. The building is owned by Eastman Kodak -- the camera company -- so they have installed a five camera "camera cam" to watch the birds.  The photographs are refreshed every few minutes, and you can download large copies of the photographs if you wish. 

I found out about this website last year -- after the last of five baby falcons had flown out of the nest, so I only saw the abandoned box -- which was none-too-clean at that point. 

Earlier in the week, there was a single egg.  Now there are three.  Most years there are five eggs -- and most of the time all the eggs hatch and all the babies survive.

With your interest in animals and city environments, I thought you would be interested.

When I looked just now, the box was empty in the single camera view, but when I switched to four cameras, there was Mama perched just outside of the cage. . .

March 30, 2006

Dear Martha,

Thank you so much for your Spring message. It is a message of life. Good life! 

Here we have not much difference among a season and another one. Fall is here but the leaves continue at the trees. Perhaps later we will find the fallen leaves, drifted by the wind...
Here in Rio de Janeiro we did not see the solar eclipse. I am not well informed if it was seen in any part of Brazil.
I visited the falcons URL, it is really great, thanks for sending me this. I saw the eggs and Mama Falcon too. It is a very important site for me. I will send it to my next newsletter. 

Falcons of Rochester, NY

March 30, 2006

Dear Regina--

I am so pleased that you liked the falcon website -- and thank you for your description of the seasons in Brazil.  I thought that you don't have much seasonal change -- maybe more rain in certain months, and -- as you have said -- more heat.  Our seasonal cycles are dramatic, and people like me are quite attached to them, use the seasonal cycles in our work.  It's another example of the influence of Place on someone's creativity.


[Martha's March 29th email was pasted below this text]]

1 abril 2006

Queridos amigos, 

Recebi essa mensagem abaixo de nossa amiga, a escritora e artista de novas mídias Martha Deed. Imagino que vocês gostarão dela como eu gostei, porque é uma mensagem de vida. E a vida pode ser tão bonita algumas vezes! Essa mensagem fez o meu dia! Espero que faça o de vocês também.

Tudo de bom,



Dear friends,

I received this message below from our friend, the writer and new media artist Martha Deed, I imagine that you will like it as I liked, because it is a message of life. And life can be so beautiful sometimes! This message made my day! I hope it makes yours too.

All best,