Chamberlain Testimony

March 5, 2001

Last Friend to see John Montstream Alive


Valerie Chamberlain is testifying for at least the third time in reference to her last memories of her friend, John Montstream. It is now nearly three years since his murder.

The defense attorney continues his aggressive approach. Here his objections include a motion for mistrial, which jolted the courtroom spectators the first few times -- especially those who had seen trials end suddenly because of some mistake. But here there was no mistake, and the judge responded to each objection without giving in to the interruptions, or ignoring the objection (which could give grounds for an appeal later on). But, she kept a firm hand on the proceeding by keeping her responses unemotional, short, and simple. (See lines 23-24.)

This led to a calmer atmosphere in the courtroom than during the first trial.