Robert Connors, Investigator (Retired)

Monroe County Sheriff's Office

Photograph by Martha Deed

Property bag for a videotape of John F. Montstream's memorial service.

Robert Connors, a slender, fit man in his mid-forties, met me at the Millhouse Restaurant in Clarkson on an icy day in early Spring 2002. One of the lead investigators in the disappearance of John F. Montstream, he offered to keep John and Annette's lawn mowed after Annette was arrested.

His comments on People v. Annette Montstream and People v. Michael Northrup:

"The miles between Rochester and Lockport didn't help."

"Annette was real easy."

"At the news conference, she referred to her husband in the past tense. One of the reporters came up to me afterwards and asked, 'When are you going to arrest her?'

"Then the boyfriends started calling. They all said the same thing. 'I've got to talk to you.' 'I didn't have anything to do with it.' Six or seven of them. Their stories were almost identical."

"This case played a part in my retirement: The conspirator cooperated, the guy confessed, the victim's blood was found on the guy's gun under his bed, and he walks.

"Then you think, Maybe it's time to retire."

Michael Northrup's third trial ended in November 2001. Investigator Connors' last day of work was February 19, 2002.