Friends of John and Marion Montstream

John's Parents

Greece, New York



A lot of people looked to Johnny for support and guidance.

We went to the trial as part of the support structure of Trinity parishioners. The church was in turmoil. Everybody was talking about the trial.

My view of humankind is less optimistic as time goes on. I've become very callous. A crime like this changes the way you think about people.

At the trial, the district attorneys couldn't compare with the defense attorney's showmanship. It's not surprising that the presentation of the facts didn't get to the jury.

The defense attorney's questioning of whether Johnny is dead actually turned my stomach. Where is the integrity in the legal system? How far can you go before you cross a line?

Now I feel cautious about my own children's relationships.

After the funeral and before Annette's arrest, I came home and said to my wife, "I love you and I want to be married to you, but if you ever want a divorce, just ask me. I'll pack my bags and leave after 40 years. You don't have to kill me."