Gerald Morkisz, East Amherst, New York

Former Manager, Muffler Shop, Rt. 19 Brockport


Photograph by Martha Deed

Gerald Morkisz with his trial transcript after testifying for the fourth time in People v. Michael Northrup.

Gerald Morkisz got called for jury duty the same week he testified in Michael Northrup's third trial. "I put it off until Spring," he said.

The police approached him. He didn't call them.

He testified four times: at Grand Jury and all three trials.

He says, "At the first trial, I lost control of the way I wanted the testimony to come out, and I looked bad.

"My kids kept asking me why I had to go back. My youngest is 13. She read my testimony and said, 'You really screwed up, Dad.' "

The second trial was easier. "The newer pick-up and late model vehicle questions were ridiculous. I felt like saying, "The vehicle also had four wheels.' This one had sat there for two days. . . I knew it had to be a Ford Ranger. That color is unique to a Ford Ranger pick-up. You wouldn't see any other truck that same color."

"I felt sorry for the two jurors asleep in the back row."

At the courthouses, he felt aggravated at the lost work time, but when John Montstream [murdered man's father] came out and thanked him afterwards, "all my aggravation dissipated."

"I'd do it again if I witnessed something."