Winter Storm Warning

It's that time of year again in western New York State when one anticipates Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family, invariably in the Southtowns. Then after cooking the traditional corn pudding for 30 people, the winds shift, the clouds form, and the weatherpersons become the most listened to people in the region.

Will this be the year we eat all the corn pudding ourselves -- just the two of us? Or, will we set off in bright sunshine only to be marooned in a snowbank just ten miles south of here? Perhaps we will be able to get to our dinner, but we won't be able to leave for two days afterwards while the snow blows and the winds howl. Maybe we should simply apologize to the large Native American population still in the area, and stay home. . . As for dinner itself, as often happens, there is an interloper or someone who creates chaos despite the best plans, the abundant food. (The unwelcome guest in this video has feathers; it is not a turkey. Birdwatchers will identify the UG with no trouble.)

For those of you who have always wondered what it is like to have snow six months of the year: a belated Thanksgiving valentine.

Turn on your sound and look for the feathered predator in this brief video. Every Thanksgiving has its spoilers, and this one is no exception.

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