The Usability Chronicles

Author Bios

Millie Niss

Millie Niss is a writer and web artist based in New York City. Millie is one of the owners of the Webartery email list for browser-based art and is active in that and other electronic art communities. She has work published in trAce (UK), Beehive,,, Rhizomes/hyperrhiz, The Museum of The Essential and Beyond That (Brazil),,, m.a.g., Sidereality, and others. She will be a workshop presenter in summer 2004 at trAce's Incubation conference, on Flash poetry. She holds a degree in mathematics from Columbia University, where she also began to study computer science. Millie served as Math department systems administrator at Brown University, and installed a web server in the department for the first time, when the web was young.

Martha Deed

Martha Deed closed her psychology practice in 2000 to pursue her interests in writing and web art full-time. Recent print publications include: The Buffalo News, The Awakenings Review, Niagara Gazette, Living Water, Magazine Sudden, and Artvoice. Web publications include: Miller's Pond Online, Shampoo16, Stirring,, (UK), Museum of the Essential and Beyond That (Brazil), (UK), Milk, and Beehive (forthcoming). She is experimenting with web narrative to tell the story of a murder in Western New York.