The Usability Chronicles

Credits : Usability Violations

  1. Text goes by without stop, or rewind controls. It may be too fast or too slow for some readers. Users should always be provided with controls for animations.
  2. Animated text makes this page inaccessible to visually impaired users who may be using screen readers or who have trouble reading. The same information could be conveyed using static text and a "next" button.
  3. The font of the text is too ornate and may be unclear to some users. Fonts should be readable before all else. Resist the urge to populate your site with lots of fancy fonts. Text should also be of a readable size. Avoid tiny text, and if you use small text, do not anti-alias it and do use a sans-serif face.
  4. The balloons are distracting. Animation for the sake of animation is a bad idea, especially when it interferes with the site's informational content.
  5. The music is poorly performed. If a soundtrack is necessary, it should be professionally produced. Otherwise, there are libraries of music loops (some royalty-free) to use if you do not have the resources to produce music. Bad music is distracting and detracts from the overall quality of the piece.
  6. There is no mute button for the music. There should always be a way (clearly marked) to turn soundtracks off, as they distract some users.
  7. The music takes a long time to load on a 56k modem. Users should have the choice whether or not to download long music, and should be able to proceed quickly without it if they want to.
  8. The credits are irrelevant. Do not overload the user with large quantities of spurious information.
  9. The credits are self-congratulatory and pretentious. A conceited attitude turns off many users and will not help your site.