The Usability Chronicles

"Faces" : Usability Violations

  1. The poem (such as it is) comes at the reader at a speed which depends on the speed of his or her computer (a fault in Flash), so that it may be either too fast or too slow.
  2. There is no way to stop the poem, or to rewind it. Users should always be given controls when there is an animated sequence.
  3. The graphics are gratuitous as they have nothing to do with the text of the poem. Graphics should be used to convey information.
  4. Never make anything happen when the user closes the sites's main window. When the user clicks the close button, she wants to exit your piece. You cannot hold the user hostage to your site.
  5. The sound in the pop-up windows is inaccessible to hearing impaired users.
  6. The voice-overs in the pop-up windows are entirely gratuitous. See 3. above.