The Usability Chronicles

"Flash 99% Bad" : Usability Violations

  1. There is no value added by the flash animation in the splash screen. Long animated introductory screens only delay the user's entry into your site, and some users will give up before they reach your main content.
  2. The animated button is hard to click. Do not make users work hard just to follow links. Buttons should never move, and should rarely have animations on them.
  3. The color scheme of the intro is not easy on the eyes. Text should be on subtle, solid color backgrounds. Colors in web sites should enhance, not detract from the purpose of the work.
  4. The moving button and illegible text on the intro make it impossible for users with limited eyesight to access the site's content. Moreover, the site does not work properly with screen readers for the blind.
  5. Never have a page which says "Site Under Construction." If there is no meaningful content, do not put the unfinished site on the web. Otherwise, it is understood that all web sites are in flux; you do not need to draw the user's attention to omissions in your site. Moreover, error messages should never get to the user unless they are related to a problem on the user's side that the user can fix.
  6. There is no way to mute the sound. Repeating sounds should always be accompanied by a clearly marked "mute" button.
  7. The sound distracts the user from being able to click the button. Sounds should be used for a purpose, i.e. to give information to the user or give feedback that an action has taken place.
  8. The sound is unnecessary and makes the screen take a longer time to load. Web sites should always be designed to minimize load times. Many users simply leave a site if they are presented with a blank screen.