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My mother is a psychologist, and she got several new adolescent patients after the suicide of Nirvana star Kurt Cobain. At the time I thought these teenagers were silly; after all he was just a rock star and not a close connection of theirs. But that was before I became suicidal. Then I realized that anything, absolutely anything, however trivial can provoke a person to kill themself. I actually burst out laughing the time I was waiting for a Chinese food take out order, and the restauarant lost my order and I immediately thought to myself: "They lost my order. They hate me. I wanna kill myself!" Reacting to a stressor by thinking about or even actually attempting suicide is second nature to the chronically suicidal. And the suicide of a famous person isn't so much a drive to do it yourself because you are so upset that the famous person died or because it gave you the idea (goodness knows you had the idea all along!), but the fact that someone pulled it off makes it seem possible to carry the act through: "Kurt Cobain didn't wimp out and tell someone he was suicidal and thus get locked in the loony bin instead of dying. Maybe I can be strong and not wimp out either!"