Are you thinking about suicide?
How often do you think about suicide?
Do you have a plan?
Did you write a note?
Did you give away your belongings?
Did you write a will?
Have you set a date?
Are you hearing voices?
One voice or many?
Male or female?
Are the voices telling you what to do?
Are the voices telling you to kill yourself?
Can you contract for safety?
Can you promise not to do anything about it until tomorrow?
Are you safe?
Can you make it through the weekend?
Can you throw away the pills?
Is your father's rifle collection locked up?
Are you anxious?
Are your thoughts racing?
Are you having trouble sleeping?
Has your appetite changed?
Are you interested in sex?
Have you lost interest in your daily activities?
Are you getting any pleasure out of life?
Are you irritable?
Do you want to harm anyone?
Are you being followed?
Are "they" out to get you?
Are your friends plotting against you?
Is the TV talking just to you?
Do you hear your name on the radio?
Do you get so anxious you feel like you're having a heart attack?
Are the meds working?
Are you taking the meds as prescribed?
Do you feel hopeless?
Do you feel there is simply no point to living on?
Do you have a lot of guilt?
Do you have unstable relationships?
Do you have "black and white" thinking?
Do you self-mutiliate?
Do you have intrusive thoughts?
Are the intrusive thoughts about suicide?
Do you sometimes "have to" do strange things even though you know they make no sense?
Are you lying?
Should I trust you?
Are you just saying that to get out going to the hospital?
Why should we believe you?