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Sometimes the silliest things can save your life. I was often, very often ready to kill myself, but I hate guns and wouldn't want to use one. And lying on a gun license application was out of the question: I would not sign my name to a paper which said I was not intending to kill myself or was not mentally ill. I could not betray the truth by denying the reality of my mental illness. Suicide makes you honest. If you are willing to die, you no longer need to lie to save yourself from pain, because you simply can't have anything worse happen to you. You are going to be dead. You will experience no repercussions from telling the truth. And in the face of this it is petty to stoop to a lie. In the same vein, I was not willing to take illegal drugs to kill myself, or lie to get a prescription just for the purpose of using the medication to kill myself. Maybe I wasn't suicidal enough to do those things. But I prefer to think that in the face of death you stick closer to your morals.