Bob Fitzpatrick, Amherst, New York

Retired Acting Vice President for Research

University of New York at Buffalo

Photograph by Martha Deed


Bob Fitzpatrick had never observed a trial prior to attending two of Michael Northrup's trials for Second Degree Murder and other charges related to the death of John F. Montstream. He was surprised by the third judge. "When I first saw him, I thought the judge was sitting back, relaxed, and controlling the court. The longer [the trial] went on, the less he seemed to be controlling [the defense attorney]. He was favoring [the defense attorney's] conduct and demeanor in the court.

"The judge handled [objections from each side] differently.

"It all comes out as collusion."

Speaking of the challenge to the criminal justice system, he was, "When you're in a contest with a skunk, you've got to watch yourself and play the role."