The Interviews

Christmas, 1991

John F. Montstream

Robert Connors, Investigator, Monroe County Sheriff's Office


A Friend of Annette's

Friends of John and Marion Montstream

Valerie Chamberlain and Her Father, James Houle, Spencerport

Renate Hanrahan, Hilton

Gerald Morkisz, East Amherst

Gary and Jane Jones , Pastor of Clarkson Community Church

Shirley Wright and Her Daughter, Cathy Heckert, Clarkson

Wilford C. Clicquennoi, Elementary School Principal, Greece

Bob Fitzpatrick, Former Acting Vice President of Research, University at Buffalo

The Rt. Rev. Jack M. McKelvey, Episcopal Bishop, Rochester

Annette Montstream, #01G0823, Bedford Hills Correctional Facility

Outcome of Criminal Proceedings

Map: Crime Area